Do you save money with Chefs Plate Canada?

Do you save money with Chefs Plate Canada?

I’ve never been a fan of meal kits that are delivered to your door. I believe it is because I had assumed that the cost of these meal kits would be prohibitive. When I received in the mail a promotion for 3 Chefs Plate meals for free, I figured why not? I enjoy trying new things, especially when they are free. Here’s what I had to say about Chefs Plate Canada.

What is Chefs Plate Canada?

Chef’s Plate was founded in 2014 by Patrick Meyer and Jaime Shea. After relocating their offices to Toronto and selling more than two million meal kits across Canada, the duo’s company was purchased for a tidy profit by industry behemoth HelloFresh. Chefs Plate in Canada is now a division of the international meal kit business Hello Fresh, and it helped the company more than double sales between 2017 and 2020, with 2021 looking to be on par.

Today, this Canadian meal box company is glad to say that a large portion of their food is sourced from Canadian farmers, fishermen, and suppliers.

Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba are among the provinces that Chefs Plate serves. 

Plans and Meals

They have Dinner Kits for One, Family Meals, and Vegetarian Meals.

chefs plate box selection
chefs plate box selection

Chefs Plate customers can choose from over 20 delicious recipes each week. These recipes are part of the company’s 3 basic meal plans:

Meat and Vegetables: This meal plan offers the most variety of recipes. In a week, you can choose two, three, or four recipes that serve two or four people. The cost each dish is around $9.99, or $45.96 per week.

Family: This meal serves four persons per order. You have the option of selecting two, three, or four recipes. The cost of this Chefs Plate menu is $8.99 per serving.

Vegetarian: Chefs Plate recipes come in two or four serving sizes, making them ideal for health-conscious people. The cost is comparable to the Classic menu.

15-Minute Meals: If you’re seeking for quick meals, Chefs Plate has 15-minute dishes that come in two or four serving sizes. The average cost per serving is $12.95. This is more expensive because the ingredients are already portioned and everything you’ll need is included, including sauces.

What do you get?

Because life is busy and because COVID, Chefs Plate has been helping quite a bit to get nice variety on the table without having to wonder what to cook every day and go to the store.

chefs plate menu selection
chefs plate menu selection

You can learn a thing or two: You’ll discover new recipes and methods for improving the flavour of your meals. I’ve never prepared burgers that tasted as amazing as the ones I’ve made with Chefs Plate. The flavour combinations are one-of-a-kind and not something I would think of on my own.

It works every time: You have the option of selecting your weekly delivery day. Only a really large snowstorm came in the way of receiving the box on schedule and using it for a year. If you receive the box in the morning and do not work from home, it will keep fresh until evening. The majority of these dinners take 30-35 minutes to cook and require only a few items to wash and what I like most is 0% waste. Did I say the packaging is eco-friendly too?

But do you save money?

It is not cheap but reasonable. It is so convenient and if it saves you time, it saves you money! I have a family of 4 with young kids and while I started with the 4 servings plan, I found out that the 2 servings version was actually the right size and with leftovers for at least one for the day after – perfect for my lunch box! And so, 3 meals plan with 2 servings each feeds us for roughly $60. Meal planning and grocery shopping will be a breeze with Chefs Plate meal packages. Their food is of restaurant quality, but for a fraction of the cost, plus you know who prepared it! Chefs Plate recipe cards will walk you through the procedure step-by-step, even if you are a newbie in the kitchen.

Get $80 off on your first meal set with Chefs Plate Canada

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